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I have known Denise for 10 years and use to work with her taking care of her horses.
She puts her horses above all else. Horses are Denise’s life. She loves them and has built her life around caring for them. She has taught me everything I know about horses.I highly recommend that if you are considering boarding your horse or horses, to board them with Denise Polydor.
She is one of the best horsemen I have ever met. Denise keeps her barns clean and maintains her horses. Her horses never go hungry… she would feed her animals before she would feed herself.
She has won many ribbons in shows and barrel racing. 
If I could afford a horse I would definitely trust Denise to take care of them.
Jodi Wade - New Brighton, Pa.


It is a pleasure to recommend DENISE POLYDOR and IRON GAIT PERCHERONS
Denise has impressed us all with her genuine Love and  Passion for Horses.
Her training & interaction with her horses are gentle & kind...yet confident & effective...Natural Horsemanship  comes so natural to Denise. When managing her barn it would be hard to find anyone more  self disciplined..The facilities are orderly & well maintained...Safety  & comfort are  first & foremost for the horses to meet their mental emotional & physical needs. The stables are  light ..clean..well ventilated with clean water & fresh shavings provided at all times.The environment is free of clutter & user friendly. I grew up with horses yet I always learn something around Denise.  She brings a common sense intelligence & combines it with formal equine education and a strong  work ethic. She is credible as a  Business Professional in the Equine World....Yet Denise  is fun and friendly....great sense of humor. She always takes time to lend a helping hand to someone who needs it... Her ongoing efforts in Horse Rescue are inspiring ...from draft horses to race horses...there are many who  owe her their very lives. Time with Denise is always time well spent.

Donna W.  Beazley - Jasper Ga.                         


I’m a retired Special Ed elementary teacher. Since my retirement I have been indulging myself into my life long passion, Horses! I am now a “Barn Manager” at a Hippo Therapy Barn.
I met Denise Polydor when I became involved in horses. I’m so thankful for all she has taught me.
I gravitated to her because I was so impressed by the way she took care of her horses. Deni is patient, firm and loving towards her horses. She keeps their stalls, equipment and feed room clean.

Her horses are well groomed and Deni is very attentive in making sure they are healthy. I witnessed the training of her new 2 year old Percheron, Gracie. This beautiful horse was obviously not handled much.The ground work she did with Gracie was inspiring. Deni was the first person on her back and Gracie allowed Deni to ride her with no resistance. If I had a horse that needed training, Deni would be my first choice to go to. I would recommend her without reservations whether it was to board, train or get riding lessons.


Karen B Sullivan - Powder Springs, GA.
McKenna Farms Therapy Services


Denise Polydor is an excellent and caring horse owner.  Not only does she provide the best care of her horses of any horse owner that I have known over the last fifteen years, but does amazing work with rescue animals as well.  The horses in her care are always fed well, provided with clean, fresh stalls, and safe pastures.  She is also knowledgeable about horse health care, providing timely and thorough care as needed. Denise spares nothing as she looks at her care of horses as a way to repay the joy which they have brought to her over her lifetime.
In short, Denise loves horses and, for her, that translate into a devotion to their well being.

John Heavener
Marietta, Georgia


I have known Denise for over four years, and I have sold horses to her as well. I would entrust my horses to her care at any time, in any situation; knowing she is a responsible, knowledgeable horse owner and is a credit to the many who are active in the adoption and rescue groups for horses Nationally.
Denise is highly educated in the care and handling of horses, and is responsible for educating those around her on the subject of horse abuse. She is a strong advocate for any action or initiative that will benefit the welfare of horses. Clearly, from one horse lover and owner to another, she truly does what she does for the love of the horse.
I would be more than happy to offer any personal/professional references needed for Denise to adopt, foster or operate any type of horse rescue operation. As an international business woman, working in the horse racing industry, I would recommend her with the utmost respect and admiration as a true horse woman and responsible owner.

Lori Czekaj
Pittsburgh, Pa.



Over several years I have observed Denise work with, train and maintain tremendous attributes to her own horses and to others. The physical shape and maintenance in the horses alone are remarkable in comparison to what they were when they arrived in her care. The attitudes of the horses are not always completely people friendly but Denise has been able to turn the attitudes around so that now they are able to be ridden and more easily able to be around without fear of them being spooked. Denise manages to maintain their living quarters very well she comes to the barn at the minimum of two times a day and in most cases is there more and is always there when the Farrier and Vet are out to see the horses. The horses are always happy, well cared for, and maintained in the highest of standards. Denise would/ will make sure that no matter what; the horses have food even if she has to do without. She treats these companions as not only her family but as if they were her children.

To put it in simpler terms Denise is an amazing person who devotes not only her time but her devotions to caring and loving not only her horses but other peoples.

Brittany Black
Adairsville, Georgia

Koren Kalbfleisch Mayhle
  I must say, out of all the rescues I've "liked" so far, you are the only one that's really interacted with people on a personal basis. Talk to them indiviually. I really like that. You help them and horses. With little time for yourself. That makes you very unselfish and a hero in my book
 I just want to say that I don't know Denise, never met her and yet she has totally has my respect. It's very rare that I meet someone so selfless. Who not only helps animals, but takes the time to talk to people like they matter too. Very friendly and helpful. Takes time out of her day to talk and respond to posts. Answer questions. Denise, even if I never get the opportunity to meet you face to face.....thank you for all you have done and will do in the future.
It's true. I know how busy you are but you've never tried to make anyone feel like their message weren't important or that you are better then others. I have seen it in other rescues posts. Hats off to you!

Carolyn Contreras
   Enjoyed my time at Iron Gait. I was happy to do what I could to help Denise out. She works so hard and you can see in her eyes the love and devotion she has for each and every horse .I'm going again this week to help. I hope at some point to become more involved with horses , I would love to have one love and trust me. If you follow this rescue and are close by maybe you could spare a little time for these wonderful horses .
   Thank you all for what you do for these wonderful horses .The horse community has the most loving ,caring people.I follow your Facebook page everyday and hope someday soon I will be in the position to rescue one or more of your horses. I have loved horses all my life. My Dad had Percherons and I loved listening to his stories about how wonderful ,gentle and strong his horses were .If there is any way possible Iwill find it and adopt and love Percherons as much as my Dad did. God bless you all and keep up the wonderful work.
   Denise Polydor, Founder, is very dedicated and devoted to all the horses she takes in at her rescue. With her patience and kindness, these starved and abused horses respond to her by building up trust in her and learn that she will always treat them with kindness and love each of them for wonderful horses they are. Iron Gait Percherons has a need now for help with their hay fund, and a gift of hay would help many wonderful horses. Please vote for Iron Gait Percherons--Thank you!!
Carla Carrabino
  Denise you will go far with your rescue not only because of your love and care for horses but also because you keep everyone informed and involved. Love it! Thank you.

Karleen V Fosse
  A wonderful and loving place for animals to live from any abuse and cruelty. A sanctuary of hope and happiness is place where a recent Randolph has his heart singing with Joy :)

Billie Mitchell
  your heart is big.. and you give it freely.. you care about what happens to these horses and what comes next for them.. great job Deni!  your the best! your one of the strongest women i know.. you set an example every day as to what women can do if they just try and work hard like you do. we thank as well as the horses.

Carol Slayman Fust
  Your devotion is inspiring as you accomplish and do what many of us wish we could do. Think you're right, the harvest, the reward from the weariness earned from loving is evident in the horses' eyes. Thank you.

Dana Butcher
  Animals know...I would bet everything I own that the love and compassion you give them...they feel for you !!! Thank You for your hard work !!

Reagan Cochran
  If you have any question as which horse rescue to support, I can say in fullest confidence to support Iron Gait Percheron Rescue! Denise Polydor does her utmost to make horses lives better. I have never seen someone so dedicated and respectable! She has my fullest support for the way she conducts her rescue, and herself!

Bonnie Maloney
 Enjoyed coming out the other day! The horses are so happy, Randolph has a personality and is doing great, Even Lilly is walking with no limp....and running around. Everyone looks better and better! The thundering biggest Draftys were running (I thought it was thunder!) and healthy...All babies growing. I got chills with the happy energy on the property! Thanks for doing a great job Denise Polydor! Even Bebe withe the mouth problem is putting on weight and gums look better your care! I pray you are blessed with donations! If people would just come and see and feel IG, they would want to donate....I still can't believe Lilly is doing so well, her feet were a train wreck when she got there! I saw for myself, blessings!
Deni and Eric go above ad beyond to help horses! The care is excellent, caring, lovng and savvy....I would trust my horses in their hands

Pamela Cammeyer - Olean NY SPCA
 Your organization will always be in my thoughts and truly represents hope...to have a neglected horse here in little old WNY get all the way to Georgia and be able to have a happy life is pretty darn amazing.....you should be proud. I still can't tell you enough how much I appreciate what you did for this horse and it makes me so happy to see the photos of him in a real pasture with lots of food.....

Janice Del Prince Cawood
 One of the best if not the best Horse rescue that I personally have came across on facebook. It is all about the horses here.. not the money - .

Deborah Taylor Arnson
Thank you Iron Gait for doing what I can't right (now)...you make my heart sing!

Amanda Fares
Id like for everyone to take a look at this... these are great people doing great things for great horses that don't have a voice of their own....

Judy Henderson
A wonderful organization helping rescue horses in need!

Jim Paul Blasdel
Another great Horse Rescue . . . these people are doing a wonderful job and need all the help we can give them . . . Thanks Iron Gait . .

Barbara Rae Baird
What a beautiful place for horses in harms way! Great job

Beverly Choate Villa
This is a beautiful farm with love and care for the rescues.

Sharon L. Pratt
Amazing work being done here.

Patti Bussiere
Loving caring people who rescue those less fortunate horses.
This new posting of theirs is so sad and shocking that any person
could treat another living creature this way. God Bless You...for being there for this poor baby

Susan Vanyo
Horse rescued from capital city carriages, dtown has a b'ful life here now. Watch video of him finally touching grass for the.first time.